Presidents Newsletter

2018 New Year Newsletter: By President Carole White

“HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 to Carousel Sherwood FSC. There is a lot to share so I will try to do it in brief bullet points: 2nd Open House is scheduled for Saturday January 20 from 1-2 PM. It will be in l aocker room #2 and we are providing pizza and cake. Your board wants to hear the things you are interested in as well as answer questions you may have about your club. Hopefully this time slot will be convenient for those who couldn’t make the November Open House.

Skater Development ideas are still being solicited from coaches and members. We are a financially strong club and want good ideas on how to use those resources to benefit the most skaters. Please let Alexis and/or Jillian know of your ideas. This could include

off-ice programs as well as the more difficult to schedule on-ice ones.

Sign Up Now to volunteer for the major fundraiser of the year. Hosting Synchro Nationals from February 21 to 24 will bring in funds for all the Oregon clubs, but it takes a lot of volunteer time. You will find the signup register either on or on There are a lot of vacancies right now at the Sherwood practice ice venue. Since many teams buy an hour of practice ice, the ice monitor will have time to read, knit, or do other work while they are on the ice. I am told most do not want their music played, but if so you would play it from the corner booth not from the hockey box. Don’t procrastinate on this one. We need your commitments now. There are also spots that need to be filled at the Memorial Coliseum. Those are listed first on the register; you have to scroll down to find the vacancies at Sherwood.

Open Board Meeting Tuesday January 16 at 6:30 in birthday room.

Test session. Those who volunteered to help/cross train should contact Jarred who will be developing the schedule after the January 11 cutoff.

Nominations for Get Up recognition need to be in to me or other board members by January 15 so we can consider them at the board meeting. I would like to submit 3 names to USFS which has a Feb. 4 deadline this year. All would be mentioned in a future issue of Skating magazine.

Help is needed to plan an annual awards and election event in late May or early June (contact Carole). Also help is needed to do the advance planning for our Aug 17-19 competition (contact Malia”

Thank you, Carole White Club President January 29