Fundraising Goals

On average we host one fundraiser every quarter during the membership year.  Our goal is to raise at least $3000 to support club enhancement activities, including:

  • Off-ice activities to create a sense of community and comradery among members.
  • Fund both on-ice and off-ice clinics to advance skating skills.
  • Create a financial cushion to cover club operating expenses — saving for a “rainy day.”

In addition to specific fundraising events, we also sell club apparel all year as well as trinkets at hosted events.  If you have any questions or fundraising ideas, please contact Kim Cavoto at


Goal Update

So far this club year, we have had one Pancake Breakfast fundraiser at Applebees in September and a Pie Sale in November.  AppleBees is an all you can eat breakfast event where our young skating members serve our patrons, allowing skaters to be involved in both the selling and executing of the fundraising process.  This year AppleeBees resulted in $1133.  Our Willamette Pie Sale was also a success yet again, bringing in $1061.  Between these two fundraisers alone, we have reached 73% of our minimum fundraising goal for the 2014-2015 club year.


Upcoming Fundraisers

None at this time.